That was my initial reaction to my son’s diagnosis of autism that blindsided my picture-perfect life in April of 2008. There were early whispers of the signs from family members and red flags we were unaware of. We thought he was just a slow talker. Long story short, I now know more about autism than I ever wanted to know. Consequently, I decided to make this site as a sort of resource for parents who are lost and want an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand guide to what I have learned about autism.

    First and foremost, what is autism? If you want the long, drawn-out, super technical medical definition, you’re not getting it from me. Plain and simple: autism is a problem with socializing, which leads to problems with communication and behavior. It’s like your child is in his/her own world, they don’t really talk much (if at all), and they can behave strangely.

    What causes autism? I don’t know. All the books and articles I have read have so much information about the possible causes that it will literally make your brain hurt to read them. Some people make a big deal about the vaccinations. Some people say it’s the environment combined with these children’s weak immune systems. Whatever it is, my son has it. I can’t change what was in the past. I can’t take back those vaccinations, but I can change what he is exposed to, his diet, his supplements, and his therapies. I focus on what I can change.

    You will see that I have organized the site into sections containing everything we have tried, experienced, and learned over these last two years. For the financially conscious, the links are in order of least expensive to most expensive. Let’s proceed . . .

    These are a few videos of my son and me running our Son-Rise Program. Please look at the Son-Rise Program and Son-Rise Playroom sections for more information about the most amazing program in all of autism land! I attached a “Before” video so you can appreciate where we started from.

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